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I intend To Be Your Last...

However Long it Takes! #Klaroline
Jan 22 '14

Ten Ways To Prepare For Klaroline Tomorrow On TVD100

Ok guys! With less than 24 hours to go until Klaroline “Judgment Day” I know a lot of us are starting to get more anxious than ever. Why wouldn’t we be freaking out? It’s not like we’ve been waiting 8 months to see our ultimate OTP have a scene together; Oh wait that’s right we have. With that being said I know many of us are looking for a way to release some major Klaroline feels throughout the day, so here are ten ways that I’ll be surviving the countdown to perfection.

10. Music: Music is my ultimate release for Klaroline feels. You know I have some major KC issues when I have found ways to even make Lil’ Wayne songs about Klaroline. (Sue Me) :) Here’s just a few of my personal songs that always bring KC to mind:

  1. Thousand Years- Christina Perri:
  2. Young and Beautiful Lana Del Rey:
  3. Mirrors- Justin Timerlake:
  4. Cosmic Love- Florence and the Machines:
  5. Last but definitely not least: Give Me Love- Ed Sheeran- I mean if this isn’t the mother of all KC songs than what is? Many of us         starting shipping Klaroline the episode that this song played in the   background:

Those are just a few songs I’ll be listening to help me through the excruciating wait tomorrow. Find your personal Klaroline playlist and listen to it throughout the day it’s bound to make things easier.

9. Watch Klaroline Scenes: There is no excuse why any of us cannot find the time tomorrow to cram in a few minutes of KC flirting and eye sex. If you have a lot of time, here’s a link to all Klaroline scenes so far. It’ll be the best hour of your life, or at least your day. Trust me. 


8. Read Klaroline Fan Fiction: There are tons of KC FF out there. Our fandom has so many talented writers just itching to get write about Klaroline and they’re writing. There are many amazing fanfics out there and if you haven’t started reading any yet find the time, your shipper heart will thank you! Below is a list with just a few fan fics that are sure to blow your feels through the roof.

7. Social Networks: Get on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook. Whichever social network is your favorite get on it and start talking to fellow Klaroliners. There’s a whole world out there full with great cities, art, but mainly lots of Klaroline shippers! They are out there, we are out there, KCFamily is strong and always up to talk about Klaroline.

6. Watch Klaroline Videos: This one is different than watching Klaroline scenes. I am talking about watching fanmade videos. As i mentioned previously we have very talented people in this fandom and many of them make the most amazing videos. Seriously, beyond amazing! They’re so good sometimes that you will even forget they aren’t real. Here are two of my personal favorites.

5. Pictures: Yup that’s right pictures. There are thousands of Klaroline pictures out there waiting to be discovered by you. Fanmade pictures and pictures from our favorite scenes. They’re just there waiting for us to find them and start to slowly die of too many feels.





"I Fancy You…"

4.Quotes: Most of us know all Klaroline trend by heart but it never stops our feels to hear them or read them all over again. Take a moment to think about all your favorite KC quotes and then go share them with everyone. Some of the Klaroline quotes that get my heart pumping are:

"On to more mannered subjects… like how ravishing you look in that dress."

"Get to know me… I dare you."

"Just to be clear… I’m too smart to be seduced by you"

"I should have turned my back on you ages ago"

"I know you’re in love with me"

"If this is a new form of flirting it sucks."

"You, I’m afraid of you."

"I intend to be your last… however long it takes."

3. Join The Trend: Have twitter? What are you waiting for? Tomorrow at 3PM eastern fellow Klaroliners will be trending on twitter “We Want Klaroline Tonight” What better way to bring in the Klaroline scene tomorrow night then to WWT for the 4th day in a row? Yeah, that’s right 4th day in a row! (We’re awesome) 

2. Finish Early: This is iMPORTANT! If you have work to do of any kind get that out of the way as early as possible. Try to give yourself at least an hour of Klaroline before the episode to just mentally prepare for the pure awesomeness that’s going to overload our senses. 

1. Shut Out The World: Yup! Lock your door, turn off your lights and put on whatever channel TVD is on. Don’t let anyone take away from this moment. We have been patiently (ok not so patiently) waiting for all of these months and tomorrow is finally the night. You don’t want anything interrupting it. Tweet during breaks but other than that tomorrow’s episode is too important to our Klaroline souls to let anything stand in the way.

Remember guys, keep calm and deep breaths! Tomorrow our day has come and it has been worth the wait. I know at times the seas got bumpy for favorite ship but the waters have finally settled and the time has come.

Well there you have it. Those are my top ten ways that I’ll be preparing for Klaroline tomorrow. What are some things that you guys will be doing?


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